Are you an NGO?

Are you an NGO advocating for universal access to water and sanitation or the preservation of water resources? Do you uphold Coalition Eau’s values and support our campaign issues? Do you have skills and experience that can strengthen our movement? Come and join us!

why become a member?

Joining Coalition Eau means:

  • Being part of a solidarity network through which you can jointly produce demands and proposals to champion the main water-related issues;
  • Having a platform from which to address and influence decision-makers at all levels;
  • Helping to enhance water sector associations’ representation and visibility;
  • Having access to a professional forum through which to develop close ties with other sector NGOs;
  • Belonging to a resource-sharing network that enables members to develop their expertise, share information and pool their skills.

who can become a member?

Coalition Eau membership is open to French non-profit associations and foundations, or permanent French affiliates of foreign non-profit organisations and foundations, working in the international solidarity, water and sanitation, environmental or consumer protection sectors.

The types of organisation not eligible to join Coalition Eau are multi-stakeholder associations, associations from the public and commercial sectors and organisations that represent other professional interests.

how to get involved in Coalition Eau

There are a number of different levels at which you can get involved in Coalition Eau. You can become:

  • A member of the Coordination Group (overseeing the network, being proactive, closely monitoring activities);
  • An active member (participating in work groups and coalition activities, being responsive and effectively involved);
  • A supporting member (more flexible involvement, regular but ‘light’ monitoring, information-sharing).

Coalition Eau is a flexible organisation. It is up to you to decide at which level you would like to get involved in the network, based on the amount of time and effort you are able to commit.

how to join

If your organisation would like to join Coalition Eau:

  • The first step involves familiarising yourself with Coalition Eau’s founding charter, our Operating Charter and the membership fees that each member organisation has to pay.
  • The second step consists of preparing a written application that includes information about your organisation, your fields of work and your water sector-related activities, along with your reasons for wanting to join the network and how you can contribute to Coalition Eau’s activities. This application is to be submitted to
  • The third step: once your application has been approved by the Coalition Eau Coordination Group, we will invite you introduce your organisation to the Coalition Eau Plenary Assembly (held twice a year), which will confirm your acceptance into the network.

please contact us if you require any further information:

Sandra METAYER, Coordinator :

Edith GUIOCHON, Project Manager :

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