Are you a potential partner?

Would you like to join Coalition Eau in its campaigns and contribute your expertise? Would you like to help fund the network? All new support is welcome!

are you an association?

Coalition Eau develops short and long-term partnerships with associations outside of our network. These can be foreign organisations, organisations that do not work directly in the water and sanitation sector or on water resource preservation and multi-stakeholder associations, etc. However, we all have common goals: to advance the cause of water, pool our skills and develop joint expertise.

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Please note: Coalition Eau does not finance other organisations’ projects and is unable to respond to this type of request.

are you a local authority?

Would you like to raise local people’s awareness of water sector issues and organise an event or discussion on this topic? Are you looking to implement international solidarity projects within the water sector and need support and advice? Would you like to support Coalition Eau in its work (giving material or financial support, or providing expertise)?

Contact Sandra METAYER, Coordinator :

are you a foundation?

Would you like to make your funding and expertise available to help advance the important cause of water? Would you like to help sustain Coalition Eau’s momentum for change and support our projects?

Contact Sandra METAYER, Coordinator :

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